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    Herbal Formula for Enhancing Men’s Sexual Performance

    Amandla increases sexual performance, improves sperm quality, and delays ejaculation. It fosters a healthy sexual life and assists with infertility. Available in 30 capsules.

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  • BIG1


    Natural Sexual Enhancement

    BIG1 utilizes traditional African practices for natural sexual enhancement, enlarging erectile tissues and blood vessels. It improves girth, length, libido, and erection strength, leading to delayed ejaculation and heightened satisfaction. Optimal results come with a 3-month treatment, each tub lasting a month.

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    Unleash heightened pleasure and desire with Vi-Afrika, an African herb crafted to enhance men’s well-being. This traditional formula not only boosts libido but also helps in delaying ejaculation. Elevate your intimate experiences with Vi-Afrika, available in a 30ml size with alcohol extracts.

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  • VUKA


    Herbal Formula for Women’s Libido

    Vuka is an African herb traditionally assisting women in relaxing nerves and stimulating sexual arousal. It improves skin appearance and has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. Available in 30ml (*Alcohol Extracts).

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  • XXXL


    Herbal Penis Spray

    XXXL, rooted in African traditions, enhances sexual performance by enlarging erectile tissues and blood vessels. It boosts girth, length, and erection strength with quick absorption. Users experience heightened libido and confidence, requiring a recommended 3-month treatment with each application lasting a month.


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