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Herbal Africa was formed by a dedicated team of African traditional doctors with the aim of researching, manufacturing and distributing a range of African herbal products that betters its alternative and conventional competitors in efficacy, quality and goodness.

Above all, Herbal Africa is a truly African company that is proud of its African heritage and believes in providing African solutions to African issues. Herbal Africa is a true leader and pioneer in this field with many credits to its name. Herbal Africa merges traditional values and knowledge with scientific and modern components in order to provide affordable, effective and novel medicines.

Herbal Africa bases its products on African medicinal plants and herbs and the knowledge of the African herbalist, that reign supreme in their know-how and understanding of medicinal plants and herbal remedies as their use forms an integral part of African culture. South Africa has over 10% of the world’s flora and is rich in the knowledge of their use. For thousands of years, Africans have relied on medicinal plants and this knowledge to treat their ailments.

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Health Through Cultural Heritage

The practices of traditional medicine dates back many centuries and have therefore been as “tried and tested” as many of the scientific medicines that are generally more harmful and with a higher degree of side effects. The use of herbs and other organic substances by African traditional medicine is a practice now increasingly followed by western medicine.

African Medicine – The Mother of Medicines

“If we accept that Africa is the cradle of mankind and that the use of herbs is as old as mankind itself, it then stands to reason that African medicine is the oldest, most tried and tested form of medicine known to mankind. Further, to call it an alternative is wrong, since it formed the basis for other types of medicine practiced today – conventional, herbal, Chinese, etc.” T/Dr R de Carvalho.

About Ethnomedicine & Traditional Herbal Medicine

Ethnomedicine is a system that applies both art and science to help the human body to restore its health and well-being. It utilises natural remedies to activate the immune system. Herbs are used for cleansing, elimination and detoxification. Some are used to stimulate the body’s self-healing capabilities to counteract physical symptoms, whilst others may be used as a tonic to help the body’s immunity.

Secrets of African Traditional Herbal Medicine - Revealed

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40 %
of pharmaceuticals derived from plants
Plant Species
25 %
African contribution to Worldwide Herb Trade

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