“If we accept that Africa is the cradle of mankind and that the use of herbs is as old as mankind itself, it then stands to reason that African medicine is the oldest, most tried and tested form of medicine known to mankind. Further, to call it an alternative is wrong, since it formed the basis for other types of medicine practiced today – conventional, herbal, Chinese, etc.” T/Dr R de Carvalho.


  • Together with national scientific research institutions our consulting traditional doctors have found new medicinal plants that have shown in-vitro properties for malaria and other diseases.
  • The first to encapsulate many popular African medicinal plants and remedies.
  • Our consulting traditional doctor, R de Carvalho, was one of the first white people to be recognized by both the traditional doctors’ associations in Moçambique and South Africa.
  • Our consulting traditional doctors were the first to expose the merits of African medicinal plants and African herbal remedies on the Internet.


  • To manufacture and distribute an effective range of African herbal remedies and medicinal products that not only competes, but surpass its competitors.         
  • To enhance and preserve the knowledge and wisdom of African herbal medicine.           
  • To be a leader in the research and development of African herbal remedies and products.


T/Dr R de Carvalho researched African medicinal plants and African herbal remedies with scientific research institutions since 1995. Prior to this research, he was a student with the President of Ametramo (Association of the traditional doctors of Moçambique). Universities such as the University of Cape Town, University of Natal, University of the North and University of Stellenbosch have researched many of the plants used in our formulas. Others have been researched as far afield as Ireland and Iran.

Herbal Africa rallied an impressive number of professional medical practitioners and individuals behind its cause and ideals to help in its research and development program.  

Some national scientific research institutions have 25 000 species of plants in their rooms awaiting further testing and analysis. In Africa there are over 10 000 known tree species used medicinally.